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a trip to


" A Trip to Lane 7 "(2022) It's a Friday night and you are on a trip to the weird and wonderful Lane 7.


"Once inside you step through the looking glass to a world of psychedelic spray paint, 70s electrofunk, and cocktails."


Grabbing a drink at the bar, the muted pink and blue tone pallet provides the perfect atmosphere to start your evening. Causing a dream-like feeling of calm and softness from the tones in combination with the upbeat music, you start to feel your journey beginning. Now, it's time to play some darts.


Coming up, and hitting the games room, the pallet has shifted to a darker tone as you explore. You feel the buzz of excitement and get lost in the patterns and neon lights. It's time for another drink, this time something colourful! As the bartender mixes and the music plays you watch the magic happen before your eyes.


You move on to the lanes with a new lease on life after your refreshing cocktail, ready to win! With a bold red colour pallet serving an epic finale death star style, your trip has come to an end as you reminisce and leave happy!


saving Earth

"Saving Earth"(2021) was such a lovely piece to make due to Alixir Creatives being strong advocates for Mother Earth.


"Goodness zero waste provides a relaxing haven of forest green and calico where earth warriors, local artists, and the town of Urmston gather to be green too."


It is clear from the amount of passion and care for the world Lucy and her staff have, that this is a topic close to their hearts. Their energy is infectious, invigorating you to want to learn more and be connected to the planet. It felt humbling to be a part of something that was shouting for us as a community, to look after our home as it's beautiful.


Antwerp Mansion

psyche the night

“Psyche, The Night”(2022) depicts the rave scene and culture within the art community at “The West Art Collective” in Manchester.


Following the “Psyche” exhibition round the twists and turns of delipidated Antwerp Mansion, the work holds a ghostly feel from the secrets held within the buildings walls.


"Nothing is quite as it seems as you flicker between two worlds distorted by reality"


 it’s oddly bright colours and static hiss mimic a ghostly delusion leaving you with the haunted feeling this was a rave night from a previous life.

rose Brown


“Reflections”(2018) was a chance to explore the rave side of psychedelia and push our versatility on a project so devoid of our classic collider scope of colour. This is when we discovered a love for glitter!

"Using slow exposures and bright spotlights, Reflections captures the dreamy glow of rave culture, echoing back from the 1990s"

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