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evil within

"The Sapphic Evil Within”(2022) is one of our many “Aesthetic Psychedelic Horror” style films. The daylight setting intends to build an unnerving feeling within the viewer; subconsciously we are aware the video piece is horror through the off key tones of the hell’s choir singing, while the images we are seeing are pleasant to the eye. The church pieces are both colour graded with a pallet that presents a seductive evil; the abundant green of Eden adjacent to a deliciously evil purple of the underworld.


" The piece plays on the sin of homosexuality within religion; depicting Eve’s temptation in the Garden of Eden by the seductive sapphic serpent " 

The lighting on both characters is split into two hues to represent that no one is entirely good nor evil. Eve’s colouring reflects her presence in the Garden of Eden through a vivid green; showing her naive nature. While her right side is saturated in a bright red to represent the fruits that tempt her.


The serpent's lighting is in deliberate contrast to the rest of the piece which is predominantly green, red, and purple. With the electric blue highlighting the left side of the face, the viewer is immediately energised subconsciously. This is in reflection of the power the serpent held, presenting to Eve an entirely new world full of possibilities further than the garden she knew. While the pink lighting brings sensuality through its soft tone in an otherwise bold piece, providing a divine female energy. 

my inner
my inner

" A series of avant-garde films depicting the struggles of delusions in mental illness. "


"My Inner Demon"(2022) consists of a red saturated pallet that subconsciously produces a danger response in the viewer's mind. This along with the repetitive nature and monosyllabic delivery gives the piece an unnerving feel designed to replicate that of experiencing an intrusive delusion.


"My Inner Angel"(2022) is the complete antithesis of the first piece both in sound and visuals. The cool tones used were designed as a pallet cleanser to the previous piece, producing a natural soothing reaction in the viewer's mind. This is meant to represent the effect of adrenaline kicking in with your fight, flight and freeze response. The final scenes of this piece represent a movement in mental state from that of delusional to illusional through the acceptance of the grounding state of nature and our planet. This can be seen as a wave of light passing through a particle of matter as a representation of brain waves passing across our neurones.

garden of
earthly delights

"The Garden of earthly delights"(2021) was created based on a painting by master Hieronymus Bosch. The tryptic is made up of two external panels representing the creation of the world before humanity, with the internal panels showing The Garden of Eden, The Garden of Earthly delights, and finally Hell. It is the central panel; The Garden of Earthly delights from which we drew inspiration. In this image, the viewer can see mythical beings prance alongside real creatures and gigantic fruits.


The characters in the garden behave "Overtly and without shame" engaging in sexual activities of freedom of will.

This is the element we wanted to transfer to the film as a highly sensual yet mystical feeling. The viewer follows the divine female creature through the woodlands from afar in wonder. Freedom is evident in the piece as she bathes in the river openly, while a certain sense of modern world naivety is also present. She is untainted by shame and the weight of modern society, pure of mind, body, and soul, yet sexually liberated, free, and wild.

Salem's flames.jpg


Depicting the rapid demise of a young man tempted by the promise of black lace and lingerie "Salem's Flames"(2022)  is a sexually charged visual feast of witchcraft. 

The film took inspiration from many visual sources including Gasper Noe's "Lux Aeterna"(2019) which depicts a duel perspective of a modern-day witch burning against the treatment of women in the film industry.


" Visually, a sensual energy runs through the film to represent the seductive evil of the divine feminine that the witches inherently carry. "


This is shown through the vivid pink, blue, and red colour pallet in the film. Witchcraft was a subject that pushed our abilities as a crew, being a genre that requires a lot of work with FX, makeup and lighting but which ultimately was all so fun!

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