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no sweat

"No Sweat”(2023) is a bold, in-your-face song that not just sings; screams at the top of its lungs justice for women! 

With an aggressive stance against prince Andrew and his sexual abuse allegations :


"Baronette has composed a beautifully poignant song that seeks to reclaim the anger of the British public"


With their palpable onstage energy, that flows through the crowd as they mosh and scream "No Sweat", this video is an entire experience of punk defiance, vibrant colour, and political satire at its finest.

Antwerp Mansion

psyche the night

“Psyche, The Night”(2022) depicts the rave scene and culture within the art community at “The West Art Collective” in Manchester.


Following the “Psyche” exhibition round the twists and turns of delipidated Antwerp Mansion, the work holds a ghostly feel from the secrets held within the buildings walls.


"Nothing is quite as it seems as you flicker between two worlds distorted by reality"


 it’s oddly bright colours and static hiss mimic a ghostly delusion leaving you with the haunted feeling this was a rave night from a previous life.

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