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Director, Writer, Camera Operator, Editor, Lighting Designer
Hi, I'm Alixir the founder of Alixir Creatives. As an artist, I have a passion for working with vibrant colour, patterns and psychedelia. I love to spin intricate details into everything I make, alongside the fantastical to create worlds full of depth and vivid imagination. Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-fi have always been close to my heart in terms of subject matter so it will always be truly amazing to see my creations come to life through the magic of film. I am an advocate for diversity and community, so love bringing creatives together to build beauty and shout about the things that need to be heard the most. Women will always be a huge source of inspiration for me as a divine feminine beauty that holds so much power and yet so much pain, there will always be stories being told from across history about women. 



Writer, Director
Hi, I'm Dan! I studied film & TV post-production at university and graduated in 2018. For over three years I worked with a Manchester-based company called 'Video Ink' and their sister company 'Mighty Hero'. Through them, I've been lucky enough to travel to different continents and be 1st AD on big music videos, such as 'Delain: Masters of Destiny' and 'Memocrasher: Burn'. I've also had work experience with the BBC on 'Peaky Blinders', working with the camera crew and learning how they operate under the pressures of such a big production. This, combined with my studies at university, has helped me to identify the best way to direct a production in the most efficient way whilst keeping costs down and spirits high. I have directed a few short films in the past, but my current focus is on further developing my skills as a filmmaker and making my first ever independent feature film.



Animator, Technical Motion Advisor
Hi I'm Hanna! I am a Senior Animator with many years of animation industry experience under my belt. I am proficient with all Adobe Suite Applications and 3D software like Cinema 4D and Maya's Animation Pipeline. The main content I work on is character-driven animations and motion graphics videos. You can view my showreel.I graduated from animation in 2017 and just before receiving my Bachelor's I was offered an internship with McCann Health, part of McCann Worldgroup as a Digital Intern, which started 2 wonderful years of working for Medical Communications companies. My duties involved cooperating with developers and creating 3D animated storytelling experiences using AR, VR and Hololens technologies. During that time I discovered my passion for Character Animation which led me into my current position at the company iAM Learning. For the last 3 years, I have been working alongside illustrators to create engaging and fun training that's really memorable using 2D characters to bring the story to the heart of learning. I started as Junior Animator and now lead a team of 30 Animators from all around the world. In my free time I am training to discover new ways to animate and work on passion projects and I am involved in freelance projects in a variety of animation styles.

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